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This x and y intercept calculator will instantly figure out x and y intercepts for a straight line equation, function, or expression. Simply input the function and the tool will let you know what

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Perfect app! Explains each step ans helps you get to the answer easily! Really nice for when you're stuck on a question and have no way to check how to resolve it. I SUGGEST. It's really helpful for math homework. Amazing app I love it, there has been a bug on mine with the whole taking a picture of it and it solves it but other than that its good to go.

Monte McNair

Thats the only problem. Only thing that I would improve is maybe giving more answer options and sometimes making them a bit cleaner to see whether the minus is on the denominator or numerator, finally , a big Thanks. It is very useful app for the students who are little bit bad at math because it explens how the answer came.

Carl Jobe

It was so helpful that i payed for its pro version also, and I am not regretting for it. The app is Great, clean ui, well built, does what it is supposed to do very well, the explanations are well written and animated, and break down problems step by step.

Frank Lower

Slope and Y-Intercept Calculator

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Slope Intercept Form Calculator

X Intercept Calculator is an online tool that helps to calculate the value of the x-intercept when we are given a linear equation in two variables. Intercepts are defined as points where the given
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