How did letters become a part of math? Why did someone

Who invented letter system in mathematics? Descartes. Descartes (1637) gave algebraic notation its modern appearance, denoting unknowns by the last letters of the

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Variable (mathematics)

We’ll get to the unknowns eventually, but for the moment let’s just start with one of those properties I mentioned. This one is called the Distributive Property because in math all is fair

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François Viète

Yep, if you put a half-dozen people in the room, chances are all 10 of them would be better than me at math. That’s right, all 212 percent! I struggled with math from grades 1

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Basic Algebra

| Certified Educator One of the first to use letters as parameters in equations was Francois Viete (1540 - 1603). So use of letters in mathematics as variables, general numbers, and later for

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Why are LETTERS in MATH!?!?!? (Simplifying Math)

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