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In Maths, the quotient is the number which is generated when we perform division operations on two numbers. Basically, it is the result of the division method. There are four main

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Quotient Definition (Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary)

In mathematics, the term quotient is used to refer to the result obtained when two numbers are divided. The number being divided is referred to as the dividend. The number we

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How to Find Quotients

The quotient means divide so 50 divided by a certain number equals 2. The number can be found by performing some simple algebra. Let the number be x. 50 divided by x = 250

What is Quotient? Definition, Example, Facts

The quotient is the answer to any division problem. The word comes from a Latin word, quotiens, which means “how many times,” as in, “how many times does 8 go into 65? The number of times 8 goes into 65 is the quotient or the result of a

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What is Quotient? Definition, Example, Facts

In Calculus, the Quotient Rule is a method for determining the derivative (differentiation) of a function in the form of the ratio of two differentiable functions. It is a formal rule used in the differentiation problems in which one