Unit 9 Section 4 : Surface Area and Volume of 3-D Shapes

Find surface area of the box. Step 1 : Identify a base, and find its area and perimeter. Any pair of opposite faces can be the bases. For example, we can choose the bottom and top of the box


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12.4 Real-World Problems: Surface Area and Volume

Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder [latex]V=\pi {r}^{2}h[/latex] [latex]S=2\pi {r}^{2}+2\pi rh[/latex] Volume of a Cone. For a cone with radius [latex]r[/latex] and height [latex]h[/latex]
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Volume and surface area word problems

Again, surface area measures the area of the total outside surfaces of an object, while volume measures the internal space that the object takes up. You’ll find many real-life

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Unit: Module 5: Area, surface area, and volume problems

If the radius of a sphere is 3r, what is its volume? Solution: Given, Radius of sphere = 3r.

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