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Precalculus : Solve Linear Velocity Problems

2.1: The Tangent and Velocity Problems. Last updated. Nov 9, 2020. 2: Limits and Derivatives. 2.2: The Limit of a Function. 2.1: The Tangent and Velocity Problems is shared
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Velocity and Speed: Problems with Solutions

Number of problems found: 744 Speed of light Calculate the speed of light if a distance of 3000 km travels in 0.01 s. The speed 2 The speed of an electric locomotive is 90 km/h. Express this

2.2 Speed and Velocity

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Velocity Practice Problems

When an object is dropped from a certain height, the force of gravity largely influences the object to attain more velocity. So it is clear that height is an entity that influences motion. A freely

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Relative Velocity and River Boat Problems

A man walks 7 km in 2 hours and 2 km in 1 hour in the same direction. a) What is the man's

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