Triangle inside a circle geometry

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Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles of Triangles

Ans: A circle is drawn inside a triangle such that it touches all three sides of the triangle is called the incircle of a triangle. The sides of the triangle which touches the circle are tangents to the circle. Hence, the centre

Similar Triangles in Circles and Right Triangles

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Proof: Right triangles inscribed in circles

A Thaumaturgic Triangle refers to a symbol containing a triangle with a circle inside. You can spot this symbol in the movie “Paranormal Activity.” In the movie, the coven used it to summon and, at the same time, control a demon. The film

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Incircle and excircles of a triangle

In the figure below, triangle ABC is a triangle inscribed inside the circle of center O and radius r = 10 cm. Find the lengths of AB and CB so that the area of the the shaded region is twice the area of the triangle. Solution to Problem : If the

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