Trapezoidal rule equation

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Trapezoidal rule

Trapezoidal rule The function f ( x) (in blue) is approximated by a linear function (in red). In calculus, the trapezoidal rule (also known as the trapezoid rule or trapezium rule; see

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Trapezoidal Rule for Integration (Definition, Formula, and

What is the Trapezoidal Rule Formula? The trapezoidal rule formula is, Area = (h/2) [y 0 +y n +2 (y 1 +y 2 +y 3 +..+y n-1 )] where, y 0, y 1 ,y 2 . are the values of function at x = 1, 2, 3.. respectively. h = small interval (x 1 - x 0) Why is it