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6-5 Finding Real Roots of Polynomial Equations

A polynomial function is a function that can be expressed in the form of a polynomial. It has a general form of P (x) = a n x n + a n – 1 x n – 1 + + a 2 x 2 + a 1 x + ao

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The equation of the polynomial function is: f(x) = (x + (2 + i))(x

Any polynomial function can be of the form F (x) = anxn + an-1xn-1 + an-2xn-2 + . . . + a1x + a1 = 0 is the general formula of a polynomial. On putting the values of a and n, we will obtain a

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Roots of Polynomials

If a polynomial contains a factor of the form (x βˆ’ h)p, the behavior near the x -intercept h is determined by the power p. We say that x = h is a zero of multiplicity p. The graph of a polynomial function will touch the x -axis at zeros with even
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Writing Formulas for Polynomial Functions

We can easily find the equation of a polynomial from its graph by identifying x-intercept and the sign of the leading coefficient. That way, we can determine the factors of the polynomial and the end behavior of the function. Steps to

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How to Find the Equations of a Polynomial Function from its

If you know the roots of a polynomial, its degree and one point that the polynomial goes through, you can sometimes find the equation of the polynomial. Example: Find a polynomial, f (x) such

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