Absolute value quadratic equations

The absolute value function takes the value of a number, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Some problems that the absolute value is useful for modeling include an object bouncing on the ground. For example, | − 3 | = | 3 | = 3 {\displaystyle \left|-3\right|=\left|3\right|=3} , since we do not care about the negative See more


Absolute Value, Square Roots, and Quadratic Equations

Your explanation for finding the vertex of an absolute value equation is exactly correct! symbol, so set it equal to 0. y. Step 1: Set x + 4 = 0 & Solve. Step 2: Substitute -4 for x

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Quadratic equation with absolute value

Real roots of a quadratic equation with absolute value for the unknown. GMAT Math questionbank. 700+ in the GMAT within your reach! Most comprehensive GMAT Online
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Quadratic equations with absolute value

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Solving Harder Absolute-Value Equations

We find that c + r c = c · ( 1 + r) = 0 . Since the stated conditions exclude c = 0 , we conclude that r = − 1 , and thus b = c − ( − 1) ⇒ c = b − 1 . Note that although the problem

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Intro to absolute value equations and graphs

x2=−3xinitial problemx2+3x=0adding 3x to both sidesx(x+3)=0using operation 5, and factoring the left hand sidex=0orx+3=0the second step of operation 5, setting each factor equal to

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