Surface area of sphere calculator

Step 1: Enter the known measure (either the radius or the surface area of the sphere) into the respective input box and the unknown measure will be calculated. Step 2: Select the

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Surface Area of a Sphere Calculator [to sq m cm ft in]

The surface area (SA) of a sphere can be calculated using the equation: SA = 4πr 2 where r is the radius Xael doesn't like sharing her chocolate truffles with anyone.

Total Surface Area of a Sphere calculator

Sphere Radius of Spherical Cap given Total Surface Area formula is defined as the radius of the sphere from which the Spherical Cap shape is cut, and calculated using the total surface area

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Volume and Area of a Sphere Calculator

If you know the diameter of a sphere, you can calculate the surface area based on the following formula: A = ϖ d2 where A = Surface Area ϖ = Pi = 3.14159265 d = Diameter Calculating the

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Area of a Sphere. Calculator

Formula The formula used to calculate sphere volume is: A = 4 · π · r 2 Symbols A = Sphere surface area π = Pi = 3.14159 r = Sphere radius Radius of Sphere Enter the radius of a

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