Solving Rational Equations

Multiply both sides. Do that in another color just so it sticks out a little more. So I can multiply both sides by three. So multiply both sides by three. On the left-hand side, that and that cancels, and I'll just be left with x squared minus 10 x plus 21, and on, and I don't have a

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Tutorial 15: Equations with Rational Expressions

Definition: SOLVE EQUATIONS WITH RATIONAL EXPRESSIONS. Note any value of the variable that would make any denominator zero. Find the least common denominator of all

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Equations Involving Rational Expressions at a Glance

Solving Equations ContainingRational Expressions. Example 1. Solve: Solution. Step 1Find the LCD. LCD = 2 · 3 · x = 6x. Step 2 Multiply by the LCD. Step 3 Distribute on the right side.


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Solving rational equations

Intro to adding rational expressions with unlike denominators. Adding rational expression: unlike denominators. Subtracting rational expressions: unlike denominators. Adding & subtracting

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Solving Rational Equations: Introduction

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