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Find the length of bc

Find the length of BC, to two decimal places. Hello Guest! Sine law \ (\frac {8} {sin (180°-43°-61°)}=\frac {\overline {BC}} {sin (61°)}\) \ (\overline {BC}=\frac {8\cdot sin (61°)} {sin

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Find the length of BC

Find the length of BC. circles class-10 Share It On 1 Answer 0 votes answered Feb 3, 2018 by Vikash Kumar (261k points) Best answer Answer is ← Prev Question Next
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Finding the Length of a Side of a Triangle given Its

BC^2=3^2+4^2 =9+16 =25 BC=5 cm its at the back of my book You see my calculation The other person has also done the same thing. You asked the length of BC Since BC is the hypotenuse, I've applied Pythagoras theorem.

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