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I'll be using the app through the next course in my math series, recommend it for students like me! ❤️©Œ, does exactly what it's supposed to, this app is amazing everytime I took a pic of a problem it gave me the answer.

Jerry Edwards

Take a picture and get your answer, now the latest update is like this and with this extra feature-Now you can convert radians to degrees and find the value of sum given in sigma notation Σ. And all the good features are not locked behind a paywall. This is much more convenient then having to use the x to get the y or vice versa.

Ferdinand Shepherd

Very good nice,, helped me understand some math stuff bc it explains the steps to solving the equation / expression. I have no words to express it. This app has been a great help for me over the years, and even more helpful now in highschool, i think that one feature should be add on the free version.

Cary Heuser

3.4: Composition of Functions

ion!How To: Given a function composition [latex]f\left(g\left(x\right)\right)[/latex], determine its domain. Find the domain of g. Find the domain of f. Find those inputs, x, in the domain of g for

Domain of Composite Functions

To calculate the domain of a composite function gf (𝑥): Find the values that are excluded from the domain of the outer function, g (𝑥). Set f (𝑥) equal to these excluded values and solve for 𝑥 to find

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To solve a math equation, you need to find the value of the variable that makes the equation true.

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