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How to find orthocenter of a triangle with given vertices

Finding the Orthocenter The location of the orthocenter depends on the type of triangle. If the triangle is acute, the orthocenter will lie within it. If the triangle is obtuse, the orthocenter will lie outside of it. Finally, if the triangle is right, the

Find the orthocenter of a triangle when their vertices are A(1, 2

Steps Involved in Finding Orthocenter of a Triangle : Find the equations of two line segments forming sides of the triangle. Find the slopes of the altitudes for those two sides. Use the slopes and the opposite vertices to find the equations

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Find orthocenter of a triangle (Geometry)

Given three integers P, Q, and R representing 3 non-collinear points on a 2D plane with their respective x and y-coordinates, the task is to find the orthocenter of the triangle. The orthocenter of the triangle is usually denoted

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