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Enter the logarithmic expression below which you want to simplify. The logarithm calculator simplifies the given logarithmic expression by using the laws of logarithms. Step 2: Click the

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Solving exponential equations using logarithms (article)

Solve for Exponents Calculator Calculator Use This calculator will solve for the exponent n in the exponential equation x n = y, stated x raised to the nth power equals y. Enter x and y and this calculator will solve for the exponent n using

Exponential and logarithmic function

For two logarithms of the same base to be equal, their arguments must be equal. In other words, if \log (a)=\log (b) log(a) =log(b) then a a must equal b b \frac {x+1} {x-1}=1000 x −1x +1 = 1000