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Love it! I'm in college now and struggling with the new distance learning experience but with the application app I can get a different approach to the work. Every time I type a very complex problem in, it gives me the correct answer each and every time.

James Robinson

Thank you for the methods, the examples, the ways it helps, Thank you. All you need to do is to scan the equation or any kind of simplification properly,, i have been struggling in math in school and this app has really helped me, this app is a godsend truly.

James Urso

Extremely helpful in some tests, 95% of the time it gives me just the answer I'm looking for, completely helped me get through my college algebra class. I have a suggestion, maybe I can add a "start screen" that is when we open it, we want to go straight to typing mode or camera mode, I think it's better.

Russell Tam

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