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Scalar product of vectors online calculator

Answer: The scalar product of vectors a = 2i + 3j - 6k and b = i + 9k is -49. Example 2: Calculate the scalar product of vectors a and b when the modulus of a is 9, modulus of b is 7 and the

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Dot Product Calculator

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Online calculator. Dot product calculator

This scalar multiplication of matrix calculator can help you when making the multiplication of a scalar with a matrix independent of its type in regard of the number of rows and columns. The

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Vector Dot Product Calculator

Online calculator Geometry 2D Vector 3D Vector 4D Vector Calculate vector dot product This function calculates the scalar product (dot product) of two vectors. To perform the calculation
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Dot Product Calculator

Scalar triple product can be calculated by the formula: , where and and . If we interchange two vectors, scalar triple product changes its sign: Scalar triple product equals to zero if and only if
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