Sales tax discount calculator

discount = 100 * (original_price - discounted_price) / original_price Subtract the final price from the original price. Divide this number by the original price. Finally, multiply the

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Sales Tax Calculator

The Sales Tax Calculator can compute any one of the following, given inputs for the remaining two: before-tax price, sale tax rate, and final, or after-tax price. Before Tax Price

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Percent Discount and Tax Calculator

To calculate the percentage discount between two prices, follow these steps: Subtract the post-discount price from the pre-discount price. Divide this new number by the pre

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Discount Sales Tax Calculator

For example, if a good costs $45, with a 10% discount, the final price would be calculated by subtracting 10% of $45, from $45, or equivalently, calculating 90% of $45: 10% of $45 = 0.10 ×

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Use the Sales Tax Deduction Calculator

Percent Discount and Tax Calculator Our percent discount and tax calculator lets you quickly determine the final price of a product after a discount. You can easily calculate the

Discount Calculator

Find the sales tax rate of your state and local area. (Reference a site like the Sales Tax Clearinghouse to find the rates specific to where you live.) Then, add 100 to the tax rate.