Rise run calculator

One instrument that can be used is Rise run calculator.

Rise-Run Online Calculator

Measure the 'total rise' (from the surface of the upper floor to the surface of the lower floor). Enter this amount into Total Rise Select a common rise-run combination from Rises-Runs DropDown

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Stair Calculator

12' - 2 = 146 inches of run 8' - 11 = 107 inches of rise divide the rise by the run 107 ÷ 146 = 0.7328767 plug 0.7328767. into an arctan calculation and the result = 36.2369 The stairway is built at an angle of 36.2° Rise and Run/Arctan

Rise in Run

Enter Run and Known Pitch, Angle or Rise to Calculate other Values Slope 33.3 % Area 384 in² Pitch Run Scale Visit this page on your Phone to directly measure pitch and angles. With a mobile device, a button will appear. Tap the button to start measuring and lay your device on an angle (roof) to measure pitch and angle and animate the diagram.

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Rise Over Run Calculator

The Stair Calculator is an online tool for calculating various parameters involved in the construction of stairs. Refer to the figure adjacent to the calculator as a reference. A fraction to decimal conversion table for common fractions used in