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Solve equation

Polar to cartesian equation

The easiest way to remember the formulas for converting polar to rectangular coordinates and vice versa is to draw the right triangle at the origin with sides x and y

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Polar/Rectangular Equation Calculator

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Polar to Cartesian Calculator

Convert a polar equation into a cartesian equation: circle! Convert r = 6sin (theta)-2cos (theta) into cartesian equation. Polar equation, polar curve of a circle, polar to

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Calculus II

Step 1: Using your pencil, sketch the triangle with its base fixed along the x-axis and its vertex at (-5,-2) on a piece Step 2: In your paper, determine the value for r using the

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Polar and Cartesian Coordinates

Write the Cartesian coordinates (3, 1) \left(\sqrt{3}, 1\right) (3 , 1) as polar coordinates. Let a a a denote the distance between the origin and the point ( 3 , 1 ) , \left(\sqrt{3}, 1 \right), ( 3 , 1 ) , then