Parallel lines algebra

Parallel lines are lines on the same plane that never intersect. They run side by side at the same distance, infinitely, forever, without meeting. Parallel lines are indicated by

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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Slope of parallel lines. In coordinate geometry, parallel lines have the same slope. The converse is also true; if two lines have the same slope, the two lines are parallel unless they overlap. The blue line below is the graph of the

Parallel lines

parallel\:2x-3y=9,\:(4,-1) parallel\:y=4x-12,\:(5,6) parallel\:x-y=4,\:(-3,2) parallel\:y=\frac{1}{4}x-3,\:(4,0) parallel\:y=3x-2,\:(-1,3) parallel\:2x-y=8,\:(3,4)
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Parallel lines from equation (example 3)

These lines are parallel, because a pair of Corresponding Angles are equal. These lines are not parallel, because a pair of Consecutive Interior Angles do not add up to 180° (81° + 101° =182°) These lines are parallel, because a pair of Alternate