A Guide to Understand Parabolic Curve with Diagram

F = ( − b 2 a , 4 a c − b 2 + 1 4 a ) {\displaystyle F=\left (- {\frac {b} {2a}}, {\frac {4ac-b^ {2}+1} {4a}}\right)} , the directrix. y = 4 a c − b 2 − 1 4 a {\displaystyle y= {\frac {4ac-b^ {2}-1} {4a}}} , the point of the parabola intersecting the y axis has

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How to Calculate Half of a Parabolic Curve

Remember, if the parabola opens vertically (which can mean the open side of the U faces up or down), you'll use this equation: y = a (x - h)2 + k . And if the parabola opens horizontally (which can mean the open side of the U
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