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Ounces to Liters Converter

›› Quick conversion chart of ounces to litre. 1 ounces to litre = 0.02957 litre. 10 ounces to litre = 0.29574 litre. 20 ounces to litre = 0.59147 litre. 30 ounces to litre = 0.88721 litre. 40 ounces to

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Fluid Ounces to Liters Conversion (fl oz to l)

Fluid Ounce (US) to Liter Conversion Table How to Convert Fluid Ounce (US) to Liter 1 fl oz (US) = 0.0295735296 L, l 1 L, l = 33.8140227018 fl oz (US) Example: convert 15 fl oz (US) to L, l: 15 fl