A lot of happy students

Great math app. Im in love with this app its saved me so much stress and hours of math even without the plus. It has turned out to be one of best apps I have ever used, it's a perfect guide for me for sketches, i think this app was a great tool to use when you need help in math.

Elijah Russell

I do wish you can see the steps for free but its still very helpful. And the best way to get rid of ADS for a non premium user is don't turn on internet while using this app. I found many app but does`t any good. Keep up the good work. Always knows what sum it is and super helpful for algebra.

Benjamin Ranger

Not just to solve problems but to learn as well, this app helps me quickly take a pic and does the math for me in a snap. If your having trouble scanning, I recommend turning on the flash, if your in the dark, the best app out there, but with this new update kinda lacks that goes directly into camera, cmon you have to count the bad writers too œ.

Bobby Mangold

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