Multi step equations that equal 9

Step-by-Step Solution: 1) Combine the variables on the left side of the equation. That is, 13x - 9x=4x 13x − 9x = 4x. Also, simplify the constants on the right side which gives us 30+2=32 30 + 2 = 32. 2) Get rid of 20 20 on the left side by

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How to Solve Multi-Step & Multivariable Equations

(30 Worksheets) Solve and Verify the Solution In these pdf worksheets, solve the multi-step equations and verify your solution by substituting the value of the unknown variable to the

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Solving Multi-Step Equations: Review and Examples

6n + 9n – 6n = -24 + 6 When we perform the additions and subtractions, we get: 9n = -18 All that is left to do now is to divide the whole equation by 9 and 9n = -18 |: (9) n = 2 we found the