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One instrument that can be used is Meter strip for math.

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Metric Length

Find the value of the point on each part of the meter strip marked by a letter. 1. - 3. For each number line, one unit is the distance from one hash mark to the next. 4. Each hash mark

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How to Read a Measuring Tape in Meters (Even if You Hate

Meter Strip 12/11/2012 2 Comments In Module 3, Lesson A1, the students use a meter strip to practice meter strip subtraction. Here is a file you can use for that purpose. When you print the file, be sure to check actual size.

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you create. 4.7. (43) $2.00. Zip. This printable set includes one yardstick and one meterstick printable. Print, cut and tape to create a full length yardstick and meterstick. INCLUDED

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Math, grade 2, M2, #9, making and using a meter strip 1

1st: Leaving the black line on the strip and removing the dotted. line from the strip, cut each of the five strips of meter tape so the. black line forms an edge of the tape and all other printing remains. intact on one of the five strips. 2nd:

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Meter Strip

Answer:- 9.2 m = 9.2 × 10 2 = 920. f. 4 centimeters to meters ______ cm = ______ m ________________________. Answer:- 4 cm = 4 ÷ 10 2 = 0.04. g. In the space below, list the letters