Quiz: Linear Equations

evaluate answers. calculator. Question 1: 1 pts. What value of satisfies the equation. Question 2: 1 pts.

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Quiz & Worksheet

Linear Equations Questions and Answers Example 1. Solve the following linear equations. (a) (3 – 7x)/ (15 + 2x) = 1 (b) 8x + 9 – 3x = 8 + 4x + 1 (c) 3x – 12 = 0 Solution: (a) (3

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Linear Equation Test

An absolutely free quiz involving the linear equation. Question 1. If the equation of a line is y = 5x - 7, the y-intercept is: (5, 0) (-7, 0) (0, -7) (0, 5) Question 2. Find the slope of the following linear

Linear Equations Test

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