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Linear approximation of square root

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How to Make Linear Approximations

Use the linear approximation to approximate the value of 3√8.05 8.05 3 and 3√25 25 3 . Show Solution Linear approximations do a very good job of approximating values of f (x) f ( x) as long as we stay “near” x = a x = a.

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What is linear approximation?

Linearization or the linear approximation of a function can be used to estimate the output of a function when finding its exact value is difficult. This has
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How can the linear approximation of a square root be

A formula for square root approximation Let n n be the number whose square root we need to calculate. Let n n can be written as p+q p+q where p p the largest perfect square less than n n and q q be any positive real number. Then, \sqrt
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