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Calculus 1: LHospitals Rule (7 of 25) Example 6

Use L’Hospital’s Rule to evaluate each of the following limits. lim x→2 x3 −7x2 +10x x2+x −6 lim x → 2 x 3 − 7 x 2 + 10 x x 2 + x − 6 Solution lim w→−4 sin(πw) w2 −16 lim w


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LHôpitals rule practice problems 21-121

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LHôpitals rule: 0/0 (practice)

Problem 1 Use L'Hôpital's Rule to evaluate lim x → 4 3 x 2 − 11 x − 4 2 x 2 − 3 x − 20 . Show Answer Problem 2 Use L'Hôpital's Rule to evaluate lim x → 0 tan 2 x 3 x . Show Answer Problem 3 Use L'Hôpital's Rule to evaluate lim x → 9 x − 3 x − 9
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LHospitals Rule and Indeterminate Forms (Practice Problems)

L Hospital Rule Example Here are few l hospital rule problems with solutions. Example 1) lim x → 0 s i n ( 4 x) 7 x − 2 x 2 Solution 1) Now by plugging in x = 0, we will find the indeterminate form

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