LaTeX Tutorial-Math Mode

My first suggestion is that you use multicols environment by multicol package. For example, given your preamble: \documentclass{doublecol-new} %\usepackage{natbib

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Aligning equations with amsmath

One of the problems that can happen when typesetting equations in LaTeX is that equation can be come too long and hard to break. For example, in fields such as Engineering
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How to linebreak a equation in latex

Too long equation. Postby avp3000 ยป Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:42 pm. Hello everybody, I have a very long equation and this causes me some problems. I want it to look the following

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How can I have linebreaks in my long LaTeX equations?

5 Fontsize reduction is never an answer. In this case (1) replace the left/right constructions with manual scaling (one of the four big commands), then (2) break the formula
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Can I write a LaTeX equation over multiple lines? Using the

You can split your equation over multiple lines using the array environment. Depending on the line width (whether you use one column or double column, A4 or use letter, etc), you have to

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