Krypto (game)

Choose 5 common fractions, with denominators of halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eighths

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Fraction Supplement Krypto

What are the rules of the Krypto game? Krypto players randomly draw 5 cards (numbers between 1 and 25) and a 6th, the target number. Players must use all 5 numbers to get the target

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The app is super useful when I dont understand how to complete and problem, or where I may have gone wrong on one. I love that you can just take a picture and get the soultion. This app tells me the immidiate answers, and also helps me learn what I did wrong, or what I have to do to improve.

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I suggest everyone to download it, 10/10 helpful for math a lot. Also, in simultaneous equations in 3 or 4 variables, it would really help if we could choose a variable to eliminate in the elimination method rather than it just choosing what to eliminate.

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