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Vice General Manager, Sichuan Jiuzhang Biotech Co., Ltd. Director of National Enterprise Technology Centre, Director of National Postdoctoral Research Station, Sichuan Huasun Group Inc., Ltd. Vice President, Chengdu Taihe Health Technology Group Inc., Ltd. Responsible for the European Union Standard Study on Drug Substance of San qi Tongshu

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两数之和· Two Sum

According to the researchers, the Jiuzhang 2.0 Photonic Quantum Computer (九章二号) is 10 billion times faster than its earlier version. The study “Phase-Programmable
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大楼轮廓· The Skyline Problem

the steps involved in qin jiushao's method for solving problems involving cubic equations are given below: for f(x) = aox3 + a1x2 + a2x + a3 = 0, where xis the root for the cubic equation, and

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The Jiuzhang could find solutions to the boson-sampling problem in 200 seconds, which will take Sunway Taihulight, the current fourth most powerful supercomputer, 2.5 billion

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