Inverse function practice problems with answers

Finding the inverse of a function. Given the function $latex f(x)$, we can find the inverse function $latex {{f}^{- 1}}(x)$ by following these steps: Step 1: First, substitute $latex f(x)$ with y. This helps us to facilitate the rest of the process.

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Algebra II : Inverse Functions

For each of the following functions find the inverse of the function. Verify your inverse by computing one or both of the composition as discussed in this section. f (x) = 6x

2.5e: Exercises Inverse Functions

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Finding inverses of linear functions (practice)

Challenge Problems 1. Graph the inverse of (Hint: identify the domain of ). 2. Graph the inverse of the function graphed below. 3. Find the inverse of the function . 4. Find the error in the

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Inverse Functions Practice Questions

Practice the relationship between the derivatives of inverse functions: if f and g are inverse functions, then f’(x)=1/(g’(f(x)). If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.
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Questions on Inverse Functions with Solutions and Answers

Section 3-7 : Inverse Functions. Given h(x) = 5 −9x h ( x) = 5 − 9 x find h−1(x) h − 1 ( x). Solution. Given g(x) = 1 2 x+7 g ( x) = 1 2 x + 7 find g−1(x) g − 1 ( x). Solution. Given f (x) =

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