Intercepted Arc – Explanation & Examples

11.3 Intercepted Arcs - Geometry Semester 1 11.3 Intercepted Arcs G.3.3: Identify and determine the measure of central and inscribed angles and their associated minor and major arcs.

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Arc of a Circle

An intercepted arc is formed when two lines go through the circumference of the circle and share a common point, or vertex. The portion of the circle's circumference between
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Inscribed Angles in Circles

Illustrated definition of Intercepted Arc: The part of a circles circumference formed when a line or lines cut across it.

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Intercepted Arc: Definition & Formula

When two straight lines cross a circle, the part of the circle between the intersection points is called the intercepted arc. The lines intercept, or 'cut off', the arc. Usually the two lines are the

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Intercepted arc

Definitions intercepted arc The arc of a circle within an inscribed angle.

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