How to find a intersection b

P(A∩B) is the probability of both independent events “A” and B happening together. The symbol ∩ means intersection. This formula is used to quickly predict the result. When events are independent, we can use the multiplication

Use Conditional Probability to Calculate Intersections

It is denoted by A⋂B. 1. When A and B are independent, the following equation gives the probability of A intersection B. P (A⋂B) = P (A).P (B) 2. When A and B are mutually exclusive events, then P (A⋂B) =

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Probability of Intersections

To find the intersection between two lines y = ax + b and y = cx + d the first step that must be done is to set ax + b equal to cx + d. Then solve this equation for x. This will be the x coordinate of the intersection point.
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