How to clear matrices on ti 84

This is for a TI-84 plus CE so this might not work on a TI-84 model but here’s hoping it works. To clear a matrix: 1) Press (2nd +”+”) and select “Mem Mgmt/Del Press the “ENTER” key. 2) Press

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This app is extremely helpful, great app, regardless. I would like a quick way to clear the equation to enter the next one, it's like if this app was to be a real genius.

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How to Clear Old Matrix Entries on TI-83

Press [2nd] [ x–1] and then press [ENTER] (to choose Matrix [A]). Welcome to the Matrix editor. See the second screen. Finally, press [ENTER]. See the third screen. You can

How to Clear Matrices in the TI 84

In this video I will show you how to How to Clear Matrices in the TI 84.