How to write an equation from a graph parabola

write an equation of a parabola from a given graph, vertex form and standard formFor more algebra tutorials, please see my new channel Just Algebra https:/

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Find Equation of a Parabola from a Graph

y = a (x - h)2 + k And if the parabola opens horizontally (which can mean the open side of the U faces right or left), you'll use this equation: x = a (y - k)2 + h Because the example parabola opens vertically, let's use the first

Vertex Form

Use a graphing utility to graph the equation and verify your result.Watch the full video at:https://www.n Write an equation of the parabola in standard form. Use a graphing utility to

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Creating Quadratic Equations Given the Graph

The standard form of parabola equation is expressed as follows: f(x) = y= ax 2 + bx + c. The orientation of the parabola graph is determined using the “a” value.

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