How to undo a log function

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Solving Logarithmic Functions – Explanation & Examples

Step 1, Isolate the logarithm. Use inverse operations to move any part of the equation that is not part of the logarithm to the opposite side of the

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Basic idea and rules for logarithms

To solve the logarithmic functions, it is important to use exponential functions in the given expression. The natural log or ln is the inverse of e. That means one can undo the other one i.e.

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How do you undo natural log?

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How to Get Rid of Logarithms

My teacher told me in order to undo log you have to base both sides with the same number of the existing log, but I don’t really understand why 4 and the

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Writing the Inverse of Logarithmic Functions

So, if you want to undo a logarithm, rewrite it as an exponential equation. [math]log_b\, (y)\,=x [/math] becomes [math]b^x [/math] = y Do you see how we move clockwise from the base of
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