How to type root sign

Using insert Equation. Microsoft Word has made typing Math symbols so easy with its insert

How do I type the square root symbol on my laptop?

Root Signs Overview Microsoft Windows √ – Alt+251 Apple Mac OS √ – ALT+V In Word Document Tap on Insert top of the monitor. Tap on Symbol right side of the strip. Tap on More symbols in the container that
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How to Type the Square Root Symbol (√)

Open your Microsoft Word document where you need to type this symbol. Place your cursor in the document where you need to type this symbol. On the keyboard, press down the Alt key with

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5 Ways to Insert or Type the Square Root Symbol in Word (√)

Copy and paste the Root symbol or use the unicode decimal, hex number or html entity in social websites, in your blog or in a document. Root Symbol Preview Variations First make

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How To Type Square Root on a Keyboard (With Steps)

Inserting the square root symbol using Insert Symbol. To insert the square root symbol using

5 ways to insert square root symbol (√ ) in Word (on Keyboard)

The square root symbol shortcut in Windows is Alt+254 (on the numeric keypad). For Windows users, to type the square root symbol in Excel

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