How to take derivative of fraction

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How to find the derivative of a fraction?

The Chain Rule says: the derivative of f (g (x)) = f’ (g (x))g’ (x) The individual derivatives are: f' (g) = −1/ (g 2) g' (x) = −sin (x) So: (1/cos (x))’ = −1 g (x)2 (−sin (x)) = sin (x) cos2(x) Note: sin (x)

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Quotient Rule

In this video, I work out an example of taking derivatives involving fractions (not using the quotient rule).

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Quotient rule review (article)

Using a Calculator 1. Press Alpha F2. This will open the “Window” key, where you’ll see lots of options. Scroll over to the FUNC tab if you 2. Select nDeriv (. It’s the third option on
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