How to state domain and range of a graph

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Find domain and range from graphs

The range is all the values of the graph from down to up. The domain is all x-values or inputs of a function and the range is all y-values or outputs of a function. When looking at a graph, the domain is all the values of

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Domain and Range

See answer (1) Best Answer. Copy. Domain is the set of all possible numbers for a function on the X axis on a graph, and range is the set of all possible numbers for a function
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Finding Domain & Range from the Graph of a Continuous

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From Graph

Find the domain of the graph of the function shown below and write it in both interval and inequality notations. Solution to Example 1 The graph starts at x = - 4 and ends x = 6. For all x between -4 and 6, there points on the graph. Hence the

Determine Domain and Range from a Graph

This precalculus video tutorial explains how to find the domain and range of a function given its graph in interval notation. Source: Another way to

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