How to find mean and standard deviation given percentages

This can help the student to understand the problem and How to find mean and standard deviation given percentages.

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Find mean and standard deviation given percentages of crop

They found the set of data to be normally distributed with a mean speed of 36 km/h and a standard deviation of 2 km/h. What percentage of the vehicles passed on Union
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Calculating Mean given standard deviation and percentage.

If I wanted to find the percentage of my bills that were greater than 200 bucks I would simply have to convert 200 bucks to a z-score [(200-150/25)], where 200 is my raw value
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Empirical Rule Calculator with Easy Step-by-Step Solution

target=function (sd) { b=pnorm (0.0278, mean = 0.0276, sd = sd) a=pnorm (0.0275, mean = 0.0276, sd = sd) return (abs (b-a-0.98)) } sd=optim (1,target) sd$par. It has to be solved

Standard deviation with only a mean and a percentage value.

3 Answers. Sorted by: 3. Let the weight of the chickens be X. Then X ∼ N ( μ, σ 2) where σ = 4.2 is the standard deviation of the weights and μ is the mean of the weights. Then, the statement

Average, Standard Deviation and Relative Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation = sqrt(250*0.04*0.96) So about 3 in your case. Hope this helped!

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