How to solve for x in a triangle with degrees

Sum of Angles in a Triangle In Degrees A + B + C = 180° In Radians A + B + C = π Law of Sines If a, b and c are the lengths of the legs of a triangle opposite to the angles A, B and C

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Properties of Triangle

Step 1: Determine which sides (adjacent, opposite, or hypotenuse) are known in relation to the given angle. Step 2: Set up the proper equation with the trigonometric rule that relates the

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Solve for X to find the angles of the triangle

γ = 180 ° − α − β = 180 ° − 30 ° − 51.06 ° = 98.94 °. \gamma = 180\degree- \alpha - \beta = 180\degree- 30\degree - 51.06\degree= 98.94\degree γ = 180°−α −β = 180°− 30°−
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How to Solve for X in a Trianlge

Solving a right triangle with degrees minutes angles

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