How to make a parabola wider

How do you widen a parabola in Desmos? Parabola (shift and stretch) Use the green point to shift the graph. Use the purple point to stretch the graph. Type in your equation

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Quadratic Function: Changes in the Parabola

Change a, Change the Graph. Another form of the quadratic function is. y = ax2 + c, where a≠ 0. In the parent function, y = x2, a = 1

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The Relationship of Parabolas Vertices

Tag: how to make a parabola wider. link to Change The Shape Of A Parabola (4 Shifts & Transformations) Change The Shape Of A Parabola (4 Shifts & Transformations) Graphing a
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Solving and Graphing Quadratic Equations

parabola becomes thinner; as a 's value decreases, the parabola becomes wider. Now, go ahead and graph p x( ) = −x2 and q x( ) = −2x2 on scratch paper. You will see the graph of q x(

How do you make a parabola wider?

The wider the parabola, the lower the quadratic coefficient. What determines the width of a parabola is also asked. The width and direction of the parabola are determined by a: the wider