How to find the measure of each interior angle

The measure of each interior angle of a regular polygon is equal to the sum of interior angles of a regular polygon divided by the number of sides. The sum of interior angles of a regular polygon

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Finding the Measures of an Interior Angle and an Exterior

Finding the Interior Angles of a Triangle. Step 1: Take a look at the given figure and identify the measures of the two given interior angles. Step 2: Write an equation showing the sum of the two

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Interior Angles of Polygons

In order to find the value of the interior angle of a regular polygon, the equation is ((n-2)180^@)/n where n is the number of sides of the regular polygon. Triangle: ((3-2)180^@)/3 = 60^@ Square ((4-2)180^@)/4 = 90^@ Pentagon ((5-2)180^@)/5 = 108^@

How to Find the Interior Angles of a Polygon

In the sum of interior angles, (n 2) 180 degrees equals (102) 180 degrees equals 8 180 degrees equals 1440 degrees. And for a Regular Decagon, the following is true: Each inner

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Find the sum of the measures of the interior angles of each

We can find the measure of the interior angles of these triangles by remembering that all triangles have an angle sum of 180°. Since the angles in an equilateral triangle are equal, we
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