How to Calculate Chord Length

Finding the Length of a Chord 1. Find the length of the chord of a circle with radius 8 cm and a central angle of 110 ∘. Approximate your answer to the nearest mm. We must first

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Chord Length Formula

Find the length of a chord which is at a distance of 15 cm from the center of a circle of radius 25 cm. Solution : Distance of chord from center of the circle = 15 cm Radius of the circle = 25 cm Length of chord = AB Here the line OC is

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Intermediate Geometry : How to find the length of a chord

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Chord Of A Circle, Its Length and Theorems

Draw a segment perpendicular to the chord from the center, and this line will bisect the chord. Setting up the Pythagorean Theorem with the radius as the hypotenuse and the distance as
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Length of a Chord

There are two basic methods or formulas to calculate the length of the chord. a chord length can be determined by using the perpendicular distance from the centre of the
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