How to find the initial value

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Finding the Initial Value and the Rate of Change of a Graphed

We have to use our initial condition to find out. Notice that the solution would have been different had we been given a different initial condition. To use our initial condition
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Initial value & common ratio of exponential functions (video)

Another way to determine an initial value is by looking at the equation that is provided. If the equation is y = −2x−1 y = − 2 x − 1, the initial value is −1 − 1. It is known that
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Differential Equations : Initial-Value Problems

Step 1: Substitute the given point into the function. 15 = a⋅(1 2)4 15 = a ⋅ ( 1 2) 4 Step 2: Simplify the equation in step 1. 15 = a⋅ 1 16 15 = a ⋅ 1 16 Step 3: Solve for the initial value, a a, using

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How to Find Initial Value of a Function

To find the initial value of a linear function, you need to use the equation of line and the slope of the line. You also need to find the y-intercept, which is the point at which the line meets the y

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