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How to find the inflection points of a function

We find the inflection by finding the second derivative of the curve’s function. The sign of the derivative tells us whether the curve is concave downward or concave upward. Example: Lets take a curve with the following function. y = x³ − 6x² +

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Concavity and Points of Inflection

Calculus I - Concavity and Inflection Points - Example 1 The Infinite Looper 469K views 9 years ago Find and Classify all Critical Points of a Multivariable Function Nakia Rimmer 11K views

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Inflection Points

How do you find a point of inflection? The function f (x) is continuous and differentiable at a point x = a, has a second derivative f” (x) at a, in some deleted neighbourhood of the point x = a.