How to find the function of a graph

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How do I use the graph of a linear function to find its equation?

How To: Given a graph of a function, use the horizontal line test to determine if the graph represents a one-to-one function. Inspect the graph to see if any horizontal line drawn would intersect the curve more than

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3 Ways to Graph a Function

This is the graph of the function y = x. Remember, this graph represents the derivative of a function. Our task is to find a possible graph of the function. First, notice that the derivative is

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To solve a mathematical equation, you need to clear up the equation by finding the value of the unknown variable.

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Identify Functions Using Graphs

Find the equation of the function from the graph. 1. Use the formula for the slope: a = 0 − 1 6 4 − 0 = − 1 6 4 = − 4 You can also find the answer graphically by moving along the x -axis one place

How to Interpret Graphs & Charts

Solution : Step 1 : Draw a vertical line at any where on the given graph. Step 2 : We have to check whether the vertical line drawn on the graph intersects the graph in at most one point. Step 3 : In the above graph, the vertical line intersects the


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Relations and Determining Whether a Relation is a Function

Working Rule to Find Value of a Function From Its Graph Find the value of a function f (x) when x = a. Step 1 : Draw a vertical line through the value 'a' on x-axis. Step 2 : Mark the point of intersection of the line x = a and graph of f (x).
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