How would I find the equation of a curve from a picture

I have a set of x and y values and I need to plot them and get an equation of the curve. I have used the curve fitting tool and the smoothing spline to get a graph of the curve

Find the equation of the curve $g(x)$ in the graph.

HOW TO FIND EQUATION OF NORMAL TO THE CURVE In mathematics the word ‘normal’ has a very specific meaning. It means ‘perpendicular’ or ‘at right angles’. The normal is then at right

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Intermediate Geometry : How to find the equation of a curve

If you say the function is similar to a quadratic, it should look like: f (x) = ax² + bx + c Hence you can just fit your curve with a program of your choice (that can be done in ORIGIN, EXCELL,
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How to find the equation of curve (Quadratic Chapter)

Given that the equation of a curve is xy=12, what is the equation for the tangent to the curve at x=2? This one’s a “gimme.” y = 12/x D (y) = 12 * D (1/x) = -12/x^2 Slope m = -12/ (2^2) = -12/4 =

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How do you find the equation of a curve from the graph?

Convert the given x-intercept to a known point, which is . Substitute the given slope and the point to solve for the y-intercept. Substitute the slope and y-intercept into the slope-intercept

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